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June 26, 2017 — Kel-Prime Testing Issue:
For the first time since 1962 we were recently asked, "Do you have an ASTM C-693 bonding test for your Kel-Prime curing/sealing/hardening/bonding non-toxic agent?"

We had to say that we had not heard of such an ASTM test. After searching for three weeks for a certified accredited laboratory to perform such a test we still have not found one. The problem is that our admixtures have been performing without failure, and before 95% of the ASTM testing procedures were even formulated. Although we have completed all the independent testing required for plaster, stucco, masonry, shotcrete and concrete, there seems to be a new one pop up from time to time.

There have a been a great number of competitors out there trying their best to duplicate our products, and to date have failed. The major problem is that it takes one to three years for the failures to start showing up in law suits. If I was an architect, general contractor, homeowner, or commercial project owner, etc. I would look at the proven no-failure list of completed projects and say, "This is what I want; no failure, no law suits". As a plaster contractor, and now a manufacturer this is what I have done over fifty-three years. Check our web site at It's all there!

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March 2017 — Low Cost Plaster Panels for Papua New Guinea Project — In the photo is a 24” x 24” panel wall system that consists of 1/8” steel studs with 2” of foam between each stud. One coat of plaster was applied to a thickness approximately one inch that imbeds the steel studs that has a scratch coat finish. Twenty-four hours after the first scratch coat a one inch sand float finish was applied.

These panels were erected at both walls and ceiling roofs. All plaster areas, interior and exterior, then received one coat of Kel-Prime curing/bonding/sealing/hardening agent. The sample panel has been outside in rain, snow, ice storm, etc. climatic conditions for 19 years without any water, freeze thaw, cracking, etc. failures at all.

The panels were connected with what I call “hog rings”, and all plaster was mixed using 3 ounces of Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture per 105-pound sacks of Portland Type I-II cement. The plaster was pumped using a standard plaster mixer connected to a piston type pump and hopper. Twenty-four hours after the plaster finish coat was applied, Kel-Prime, mixed 50/50 with water, was applied using a standard paint sprayer. Ten units per week were completed with a six-man crew, and were built to withstand 200 mph hurricanes. Each unit also received Kel-Prime, induced at 8 ounces (full concentration) per gallon of paint for both interior and exterior. After 10 years another coat of Kel-Prime-induced paint was reapplied to the roofs only. To date there have been no reported failures.

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March 2017 — Roof Tiles — The roof tile samples were manufactured for a roof tile company in Kansas City, Missouri 18 years ago. The tiles have been outside in an ice storm, snow, cold, hot, rain, etc. climatic conditions without any failure at all. The mix design included 3 ounces of Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture per proprietary mix. The finished tiles were then coated with Kel-Prime mixed 50/50 with water.

I wish I could give you the manufacturer data, but it was required we sign a nondisclosure form. As I have stated before, products or projects using Kel-Crete admixtures, and Kel-Prime curing/bonding/sealing/hardening agent got better with age. To date no contractor using our premium, non-toxic products has ever spent a dime in litigation issues.

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January 2017 – On May 14, 2015 Cost of Wisconsin’s superintendent, Mr. Burke, called Kel-Crete Industries, Inc. Mr. Burke had just returned from Universal Studios in California where he had witnessed Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture being used by the plastering contractor for the new “Harry Potter” exhibit. The plastering contractor told Mr. Burke how much his company liked the Kel-Crete admixture, and that the Kel-Crete pumped very well, and with little rebound. Based upon hearing that news, Mr. Burke proceeded to download supporting documents from the Kel-Crete web site and then chose to purchase eight gallons of the Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture. Shortly thereafter Mr. Burke got promoted to heaven, and Mr. Glen Barnerd took over their project at Disney World. Upon purchase of Kel-Crete admixture Cost of Wisconsin was able to continue to run four pumps with no packs until the project was completed. It has been a pleasure working with Cost of Wisconsin, and Kel-Crete Industries, Inc. looks forward to sharing Cost of Wisconsin’s next 60 years of professional success.

Subject: 2016 This past year of 2016 was a great year for Kel-Crete Industries, Inc. in the plaster/stucco areas with Arroyo Building Materials purchasing product for the “Harry Potter” exhibit at Universal Studios in California, and Cost of Wisconsin purchasing product for the “Avatar” exhibit that is to be completed in April of this year at Disney World in Florida.

It gives us a great deal of pride in knowing that the quality of the mortar in these projects will get better and better with age. Disney is also using Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture for in-house maintenance and repairs to existing projects.

Kel-Crete Industries, Inc. wishes to thank the above mentioned companies, and all of those nationally and internationally who have made 2016 a great year for us, and we look forward to serving all of you in 2017. Please check out the Cost of Wisconsin’s anniversary issue in “Builders 2017” magazine.
Happy New Year, Chuck Green, President Jane Green, Vice President

"Make Mortar Industries Better Again"
Re: For plaster, stucco, masonry and shotcrete.
History tells us that the referenced applications in the mortar industries should improve and get better with age. My chosen career in these industries has taken me all over the world, and I've seen these applications that are hundreds of years old. Projects that have used Kel-Crete Premium Liquid and Kel-Crete Super Dry admixtures have now reached "54 years", and have gotten better with age.
We are proud to say that the Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios in California used our Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture. Click image for slide show.

CSX Railroad just informed us, that based upon the excellent results and performance they got from using our Tuff-Kote Flex 10,000, Steel-Crete, and Kel-Prime applications at their maintenance yard in the pits (see photo on this web site), they will be using the products now at all of their maintenance yards. This is very important to us because it further supports the extreme durability and performance of our products.

Breaking News – Tuff-Kote Flex 10,000--Kel-Prime Patch/Crack Plaster System will soon be used to restore a 200 unit condominium project in Las Vegas to its original intended specified condition with additional lifetime benefits. This will be our 36th restoration project in Las Vegas. See other projects on this web site.

Kel-Crete Premium Liquid Admixture was the additive of choice for the plaster/stucco for the 'Avatar' exhibit at Disneyworld. The contractor is 'Cost of Wisconsin'.

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